ChitoDry: turning crustaceans and insect shells into high value plastics


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What we make

We use mechanochemistry and aging processes to preserve a gift of Nature and make valuable materials
Chitodry is a process able to take chitin and turn it into high molecular weight chitosan.

Chitodry is a process able to take chitin and turn it into high molecular weight chitosan.


Media coverage

  • Research highlight in the Portland Herald Press “Researchers find new way to convert lobster shells into plastic, and it’s not too hard”, Dec. 8 2018.

  • Interview “Plastique biodégradable : les crustacés à la rescousse, Igor Nérisson, Télé-Gaspé, Dec. 3 2018

  • Interview “Faire du plastique avec des carapaces de crustacés at Au Coeur du Monde, Maude Rivard, Gaspé, Quebec, ICI Radio Canada, Nov. 28 2018 (at 17:18)

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