As a Canada Research Chair in Green Chemistry and Science Communication Fellow, I provide expertise  to the media on a number of topics including Green Chemistry, Catalysis, Chemical Processes, Pollution, Women in Science and Science Popularization. Please contact me to know more. You may consult recent video appearences below, as well as press coverage.

My Green Chemistry by ACS, July 2014

Video for CREATE in Green Chemistry, June 2013


Video shot at EDS forum, April 2012, AHM from minute 19:15 (in French)

From McGill Making the Headway video series, Oct 2010


Press coverage:

  • Research highlight on The McGill Tribune, “Lobsters and crabs, here to save the oceans”, by Farida Rahman, Jan. 29, 2019

  • Research highlight on CTV News, “Montreal researchers create plastic from lobster, shrimp shells”, Dec. 29 2018.

  • Research highlight in the Portland Herald Press “Researchers find new way to convert lobster shells into plastic, and it’s not too hard”, Dec. 8 2018.

  • Interview “Plastique biodégradable : les crustacés à la rescousse, Igor Nérisson, Télé-Gaspé, Dec. 3 2018

  • Interview “Faire du plastique avec des carapaces de crustacés at Au Coeur du Monde, Maude Rivard, Gaspé, Quebec, ICI Radio Canada, Nov. 28 2018 (at 17:18)

  • Research featured on multiple local radio shows of Radio Canada, including by AHM: Shift, New Brunswick, host: Vanessa Vander Valk, Nov. 27 2018; Airplay, Whitehorse, Yukon, host: Dave White, Nov. 27 2018; Radio West, Kelowna, Host: Sarah Penton, Nov. 27 2018; All Points West, Victoria, host: Robyn Burns, Nov. 27 2018; Home Run, Montreal, host: Sue Smith, Nov. 27 2018; Afternoon Edition, Saskatchewan, host: Garth Materie, Nov. 27 2018; Homestretch, Calgary, host: Doug Dirks, Nov. 27 2018; Afternoon Drive, London, host: Chris dela Torre, Nov. 27 2018, On The Coast, Vancouver, host: Gloria Macarenko, Nov 27 2018.

    & by group member Thomas Di Nardo: On the Go, St John, host: Ted Blades, Nov. 27 2018; Here and Now, Toronto, host: Gill Deacon, Nov. 27 2018; Mainstreet, Halifax, host: Bob Murphy, Nov. 27 2018; All in a Day, Ottawa, host: Alan Neal, Nov. 27 2018; Up to Speed, Winnipeg, Ismaila Alfa, Nov 27 2018; Breakaway, Quebec City, host: Saroja Coelho, Nov. 27 2018; Up North, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, host: Wab Rice, Nov 27 2018; Radio Active, Edmondton, host: Adrienne Pan, Nov. 27 2018.