Sustainable Nanomaterials: Design, Synthesis and Application to Catalysis


Welcome to the Moores Research group website! Since 2007, my research group in the Department of Chemistry at McGill University works at the interfaces between the fields of material chemistry, coordination chemistry and organic synthesis. We conduct research in the domains of catalysis using both the heterogeneous and homogeneous approaches and more sustainable nanoparticle synthesis. We have a special interest in magnetic particles and nanocrystallites of cellulose in catalysis, novel synthese of nanoparticles in solid phase. We are also developing plasmonic nanocatalysts and biomass transformations. 


Training is at the heart of what we do. All my trainees become experts in a suite of characterization tools, which includes: transmission and scanning electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectrometry, X ray diffraction, and inductively coupled plasma, and on organic molecule characterization, which includes: nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography, and mass spectroscopy. They also develop soft skills such as team work, leadership, and oral and written communication. 


Green chemistry, Nanoparticles, Catalysis, Transition metals, Hydrogenation, Ionic Liquids, Oxidation, Nanocrystallites of Cellulose, Iron, Copper, Mechanochemistry.

Research themes:

Biomass-based Chemistry

Cellulose Nanocrystals as Catalyst Supports

Plasmonic Nanocatalysis

Magnetic Nanocatalysis

Mechanochemistry and Aging based Reactivity