Opportunities: join the team!


Prospective graduate students:

If you wish to join the group, you have to apply to the Department of Chemistry at McGill and enroll in our graduate programme. The final choice of research group takes place when you join the department. The Moores group is recruiting Graduate Students on a rolling basis in the fall or winter semester. Please communicate directly with us for more information regarding our exciting research projects and contact Chantal Marotte regarding details of registration.

Prospective undergraduate students:

Applications for the summer research must be sent between January and mid-February for positions the following summer. Funding opportunities may be available. Students willing to do a Honours project in the lab are also accepted all year round, based on motivation and excellence. We also accept applications for bibliographic work on a voluntary basis.

How: Please apply by email to us with a CV and unofficial transcript to know more. Please note that due to the large number of requests, we can not accept all applications and have to be very selective.

Prospective post doctoral fellows:

Financial support for post doctoral positions are difficult to come by in the current funding landscape. There are however some options. Talented and motivated candidates should contact by email with a clear idea of a research project in mind and motivation to lead the application process and have consulted the timeline carefully. Opportunities are available with the Banting Program, and the PBEEE. If you have other opportinuties from where you are from, this is also a good option.